We regret to announce that Crux Suppressors is currently unable to take any new orders or perform any repair work on any of its suppressors.

We have made this decision because of the ongoing burden related to the Founder and Investor’s lawsuit, ATF licensing delays, lack of manufacturing ability and shortage of resources to support Crux’s customers and product lines. Many of the causes predate our involvement in the company and although a valiant effort was made to keep things going, we need time to get out from the burden of the issues. Although we have made 3rd party manufacturing and customer support agreements, we cannot support our obligations at this time to sustain those contracts. For these reasons and the many above, we have no choice but to suspend operations until we can restructure and resolve these matters. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you can be patient with us as we work through this difficult situation. We are working with the ATF on how to handle suppressors people are waiting on including those in form 4 wait status and those that paid, but no suppressor was ever made or could be made in timely manner. All we can do at this time is license our technology in hopes others make compatible parts, accessories, and offer discounted solutions to our customers.
Repairs requiring a serialized sleeve replacement require a new suppressor serial number and new tax stamp according to the ATF. Some Crux customers are having their suppressors seized by the ATF for duplicate serials, which came from past improper repair procedures (reusing serials and replacing sleeves only). Crux has no internal manufacturing capability or the financial wherewithal to continue production and limited stock to replace items. Those of you with items in for repair that require replacement of serialized parts or where we don’t have parts on hand to repair will have your item sent back to you until we have a solution as we go through yet another licensing changeover and manufacturing agreement. Inquires can be sent to support@cruxsuppressors.com