Crux Suppressors: Statement of Status – August 2019

Crux Suppressors: Statement of Status – August 2019

We here at Crux Suppressors value our customers. At this time, we have embarked on a significant transformation
within our organization to address demand, manufacturing, customer service, quality, and personnel to align with a
better customer experience. We ask for your continued patience and support as we undertake a large overhaul of the
heart of our operations and engage in an expansion of our business.
We have also experienced some growing pains. This includes the fact a Crux Suppressors employee neglected to renew
our SOT on July 1, 2019. When a manufacturer fails to renew its SOT, they are unable to manufacture, ship, receive,
repair, process, or transfer any class 3 items until the SOT is reinstated. We have been working diligently to resolve this
issue and have our SOT reinstated. We have also undertook the process of changing the responsible parties for our FLL
with the ATF and are in the process of moving to a new manufacturing location. While our FFL has been issued at the
new location, the SOT reinstate remains in the approval pipeline.
On July 8, 2019, Crux Suppressors made a significant change in management of the company. We decided to make a
switch from a one man show to a soon to be announced service and manufacturing team. As part of this decision, the
company’s prior president was removed from his position and as expected, the transition process has presented
Due to the manner in which the company’s email accounts were owned and held, please be aware that we have been
unable to receive or respond to emails during the past 45 days. If you have tried to reach us during that timeframe, we
apologize for not responding and for this inconvenience and would ask that you please try again as email access was
recently released back to Crux’s transition team. We also apologize for any issues experienced with our website and
telephones not properly working, and we want you to know that we have recently resolved these issues as well.
As mentioned, Crux Suppressors is moving to a new facility in which we will have a full team for sales and customer
service, along with significantly proven manufacturing capability to not only produce more but produce better quality
products, as well as having readily available inventory. Despite the drastic changes taking place within the company,
please know we are working diligently to resolve all issues and concerns in a timely manner. We are working hard to do
a final production run at our current facility, while concurrently migrating to the next facility for future orders.
Crux Suppressors is humbled by sending this and asks for your understanding as the many good people at Crux
Suppressors are working very hard to resolve all outstanding issues once and for all. All outstanding orders will be
fulfilled, and we will continue to prioritize and honor the provided lifetime warranty. At this time, we cannot accept any
repairs. However, all repairs will be made whole.
All current and former dealers will be contacted to discuss positive changes within our company and how we can regain
your trust and business. If you have any open or outstanding orders please contact or call us at (936) 271-4867.
Crux Suppressors is committed to doing business in an honest and ethical manner, and we apologize for any issues you
may have experienced in the past. Crux Suppressors is committed to making every customer whole as soon as possible,
while maintaining our quality standards. We understand your frustrations and greatly appreciate your patience through
this transition period.
Crux Suppressors looks forward to being your first choice for current and future suppression needs. We would be
happy to personally discuss any questions or concerns you may have, and can be reached at the number and email
Chris May
Director/ Business Development



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