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2014 WPW Sniper Championship 3670 yrd Longest Suppressed Shot Record

We had the opportunity to be invited to the 2014 WPW/AFSAM Sniper Championship at Ft. Chaffee Arkansas which is home to the National Guard Marksmanship Training Center to demo some of our products.  During our demo we had planned to set out for a new record.  Longest Suppressed Shot from a Shoulder Fired Small Arms Rifle (50 Cal or less).  the goal was 3520+ yards.

Immediately prior to the long shot we demonstrated zero point of impact shift at 875 yards switching between a Nemesis338 to a Ark30 and then a Nemesis30 Cal suppressor we finished up this part of the demo with shooting a loose can unscrewed by 1 rotation while maintaining a 4" group at 875 yards.

From here we threw a handful of sniper competitors on spotting scopes and went for impacts out to 3670 yards.  With 2 confirmed splashes to the left and right of the target with perfect elevation we connected with at least 2 shots with another round highly suspecting an impact as well.

The elevation and angle of the barrel was so extreme that we had to slightly look around the suppressor through the scope.  The suppressor used was a Ark338, a 7.5" length and 1.5" Diameter weighing in at just over 12 oz. (Pictured to the Right on the 338 Norma Mag).  With most 338 Lapua Magnum suppressors the diameter can range anywhere from 1 5/8" - 2" in diameter and the length ranges anywhere from 9.5" - 14".  This shot would not have been possible with a suppressor that is any larger than the Ark338.  To go farther than this, we will have to switch to our new Suppressor the Nemesis338 which is a 6" length suppressor at 1.5" Diameter and weighing in at 9.9 oz.

Be Sure to check out the National Guard Marksmanship Training Center on Facebook and YouTube.  Here's a little video from the event.



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