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The Quick Disconnect Myth:

Now I know you're smart...and have you found yourself asking...But if Cans get Burning Hot when you shoot them....Wouldn't you Burn Your Hands Trying to Take them Off?

Why YES, yes you Would...

So If I need to take it off quickly after I shoot....I can't take it off quickly...

Why YES, that is correct, Load Mag, Grab a beer (we do not condone mixing alcohol and shooting by the way), hang out, tell a joke....Cause that can needs some time to cool down.

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300 Win Mag, POI Shift -

We recently had a Customer come in with a problem.  He had a POI shift problem on his 300 Win Mag.  Ok, so all suppressors have some kind of POI shift.  But this problem was something we see all the time and it goes like this..

This person takes their suppressor a 30 Cal suppressor that is a major name brand in the market and sights in his 300 Win Mag and corrects for the POI shift.  Ok, no problem there...

But the problem come when he then wants to use it on another rifle.  When he shoots it on another rifle and corrects for POI shift on that rifle it does something to the suppressor where when he puts it back onto the 300 Win Mag it changes the POI shift and he has to re-sight in the rifle platform.

This practice is No Buenos!

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