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The QD Myth - Why Quick Disconnects are Not Really Quick

The Quick Disconnect Myth:

Now I know you're smart...and have you found yourself asking...But if Cans get Burning Hot when you shoot them....Wouldn't you Burn Your Hands Trying to Take them Off?

Why YES, yes you Would...

So If I need to take it off quickly after I shoot....I can't take it off quickly....

Why YES, that is correct, Load Mag, Grab a beer (we do not condone mixing alcohol and shooting by the way), hang out, tell a joke....Cause that can needs some time to cool down.

So now you know that QD mounting systems don't add as much benefit as one would initially assume.  And if I told you that these designs have inherent obstacles to overcome for precision would you want to risk negative accuracy effects for a benefit that isn't all there?  Or would you add a few more seconds to install a suppressor for reliable accuracy?

We decided on accuracy, and that's why our PMS system while it takes a couple more minutes to install offers us actual realized benefits that giving up a few seconds is more than worth it.


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[00:05] Hey guys, so lets talk about the Qd myth. Quick disconnects, the rage in the suppressor industry has been forever. So what you suppressors do after you get them hot, after you shoot them, they get freaking hot, right? You see people burning the carpet in their cars. You see them burning the foam in cases. It will take all the skin off of your hands after you shoot it. It takes time to cool down. Doesn't matter what the material is, doesn't matter, it's not coming off quickly. when you go to shoot a suppressor, you always have time to put it on. I don't care if you are some fancy CAG operator or special forces, whatever they're telling your mama jokes at the fob, getting ready, right? You always have time to install it and it's not like that took a whole lot of time.

[01:13] If you're going out hog hunting, you always have time to get ready. You should be ready. Otherwise you're dumb. You get out there, find the hogs and then load your mag. I don't think so. Right? So our quick disconnects are not quick, pretty quick, but they are precise and quick disconnects are quick that really aren't quick whenever you go to take them off. That's really the only reason to make them quick. I mean to put them on. You're never in a rush to put them on quickly anyway, but they're also not accurate. Because in order to have that course or threads, in order to have that type of mounting system, you're going to give up some accuracy. It's you can't have both. You want accurate or do you want Quick... Pick. So what I'd like for you to consider is what you're going after is modularity.

[02:17] That's what the qd efforts have really gained you, that that's what they've given you. The value that they've given you is that you can take it off of this one and put it onto this one. Modularity. That's what you're going after. So we to have precision and modularity, right? You can take your suppressor and you can mount it on with a break on a bolt action precision rifle. An AR15 was a flash hider. No recoil reduction, Reduces Flash, you can then take that suppressor, put on a different platform on your AR15, what about your 9mm suppressor that just got through shooting on your 338 Lapua Magnum and you want to stick it on your 9mm pistol. Okay, so then you thread it on your your booster, Nielsen device, and you can shoot that on a pistol. What we're providing you is modularity. You can shoot this across different platforms

[03:21] and you're gonna be happy with it. So do you want a Quick Disconnect? That's not quick. That's kind of ridiculous. It's a kind of a running joke with us that are in the suppressor industry or do you want precision, modularity, and value add? Okay. That's what we're going after. We still provide all that. We do it really, really well. Now with our precision mounting system, a little note is only use them finger tight. We don't have any locking mechanisms or something like that. So our precision mounting system can recess up underneath the hand rail or whatever, the thread is designed as a self-locking thread design. So all you have to do his finger tight it, that's it. It just works. You don't have to worry about it coming off. We don't ever have any problems with the suppressors coming off now, when people bear down on them and put all their force and might onto it, it's going to lock harder than when you installed it.

[04:21] So you're going to have to exert more force, considerable more force to get it to unscrew and come off of the rifle platform compared to the amount of force that you installed it with. So don't bear down on it. You might not get it off, you will, but it's gonna take a whole lot of effort. So, and you don't need to do it. The design takes care of it all. Okay? Just finger tight. You're good to go. Go rock and roll. So have your day. Get Your suppressor today. Now's the best time to get suppressors, they are legal. The wait process is at all time lows. And, once you start shooting with a suppressor and you realize all of those benefits of recoil reduction, the accuracy, the benefits of no hearing, no sound, your protection, you're gonna really love it. You're never going to want to shoot unsuppressed ever again. So it will really spoil you and you'll be able to leave that legacy because now your kids, your wife, many others are going to want to shoot with you. So leave your legacy. We are the legacy of performance. Get yours today.



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