300 Win Mag, POI Shift -

When Silencers Do Not Shoot The Same Place

We recently had a Customer come in with a problem.  He had a POI shift problem on his 300 Win Mag.  Ok, so all suppressors have some kind of POI shift.  But this problem was something we see all the time and it goes like this..

This person takes their suppressor a 30 Cal suppressor that is a major name brand in the market and sights in his 300 Win Mag and corrects for the POI shift.  Ok, no problem there...

But the problem come when he then wants to use it on another rifle.  When he shoots it on another rifle and corrects for POI shift on that rifle it does something to the suppressor where when he puts it back onto the 300 Win Mag it changes the POI shift and he has to re-sight in the rifle platform.

This practice is No Buenos!

Crux Suppressors are not only designed for minimal POI shift.  But you can take the same serial number shot it on different guns at will and they shoot the same place.

But WAIT, that's not all..

You can take different serial numbers...they shoot the same place...And you can even take Different MODELS (with different lengths and weights), and YES, they all shoot the same place.

This is critical to your shooting experience.  Because the time you save, the ammo you save, the hunting trip that you get that animal, the meat you fill the freezer with.  Well this one issue can greatly affect all that.  The Costs associated with it....well that's far greater than the cost of the suppressor.  Don't settle, Don't risk all your investment.  Most of the time, Crux Suppressors are the same price, cheaper, or only slightly higher in price.

Get yours today!  I guarantee it will be the favorite suppressor you own.

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Check out our suppressors.  I guarantee you that it will be your favorite suppressor that you own.


[00:08] Hey guys, little customer stories or one customer story in particular about the customer came in and we solved the problem for him. Now this customer had a 300 win mag. He's got several rifle platforms and seven millimeter, right? Can't remember if it's so minor, seven millimeter odd eight, or if it's a seven millimeter, seven wsm or when night, um, doesn't really matter. It's just a different platform, different rifles. So this customer had a $300 bag and he had a very, very, very popular, probably one of the most popular 300 /Win Mag Cans out on the market. He goes and he shoots and of course, sorry, let's use the right write letters here. Um, he goes and of course, shoots and recites in that rifle platform using that suppressor. Um, and this, this guy's a shooter, he's a long range shooter and kills dear at 700, 800 yards all the time, every single year, even at a thousand.

[01:12] This guy, the shooter, he knows what he's doing and he sights in his rifle here, his 300 that gets it all done. Taking care of not, not a problem everyday use. Now he takes that same suppressor and he puts it on a seven, the seven, then he has a point of impact shift, right? We're going to call this number one as well. The first time he's shooting it, he takes that seven and he moves it to the bullseye. Again, sights it in, shoots it out of probably no issue. Now what we would like to be able to do is take that suppressor, put it back on the 300 Mag shoot, and you're good shoots the place. Put it back on the seven, seven millimeter trade back and forth between rifles. You shoot and it shoots the same place they're both sighted in, right? If we're going to go on a hunt and we're going to go, if you're 300, when that goes down, rifles go down all the time.

[02:15] It could be an extractor, it could be, it could be anything, right? You could have a hot load and a jam stuff up, get gunk and stuff. And the firing pin with a primer blows on you, the guns down. So you want to be able to take that and put it on your seven and continue on the hunt that you're on. How much money did you spend on this hunt? Is this a hunt that you had to travel to a once in a lifetime hunt? Right. So the problem is is that when you put it from the seven back to the 300 win mag, he then had another point of impact shift. This is two. He had to re-sight it back in. So then he's coming back here for a two. He's having to put all this effort in. If you're on a hot young, you have time for this case.

[03:04] Depending on the hunt, you might have a little range there, but then you gotta like set that time up and then it's a lot more shooting for the whole area and you're spooking up all the animals. Right? Puts it back on the seven. Same thing. So every time you're shooting it on a different rifle platform, it's moving on you. Right? Our kids don't do that. Okay. This customer, not only is he looking at this like I can't, I don't have time for this bs. He's a businessman, he doesn't have time to go out and spend, make another trip out to his ranch. That's a different from where he lives and goes and recites everything in, so instead he came in, bought entire keys to kit and now he doesn't have to have that problem because not only can we change it from different rifles, he can also take and choose different suppressors, different models, different models that are different size, different serial numbers, and they all shoot the same place.

[04:11] They all have the same point of impact shift. Some of that. The magic in our suppressors had to do the technology. Other can companies aren't going to be able to do this. It's because our technology and what we do to barrel harmonics, okay, we're, we're decoupling we're. I don't even want to lead on how we're, how we're actually doing it, but there are forces that act on the barrel using traditional means that we don't exhibit those same type of forces. Okay, so it's going to shoot the same place every single time and we'll have that barrel harmonics discussion because we can get pretty deep into it another time. So get your cans today. It'll be your favorite suppressor that you own. They're super quiet. We go head to head all the time. We will gladly go to head to head with anyone and if you're going to compare apples to apples, we're going to do that.

[05:09] Not only that, there are so robust and strong, that same suppressor couldn't be shot on, um, say a 300 norma magnum because it's just not ready for it. Can't handle it. Our suppressors are rated for 50 BMG, pressure, all of them. So that same suppressor, you can take a 50 bmg, neck it down to the right caliber and it would be okay, right? But at 375 cheytac neck down to 30 cow. Let's do it right. Uh, anything, any norma magnums, anything you want to do now you can also go super short on barrels and we're going to have another conversation about barrel pressures and what our, what our cans are rated for that because of that we don't, we're extreme long range shooters. We don't know what kind of crazy wild cats we're going to be getting into. We would like to take a 20 vulcan case and neck it down.

[05:59] Um, if we could get the powders burn slow enough to do that. Right? So pushing bigger projectiles faster, farther with better aerodynamics is what we're about and we don't lean on our cans to be able to handle the future, right? This is a long wait process. Out cans are lifetime warrantied, so it's designed for what you're going to get into in the future. Okay. We took the limits as far as small firearms could possibly ever get to. I'm from a SAMI pressure standpoint and a safety standpoint and we designed to, to extreme levels there. So, um, if we go head to head with anyone we're going to take, um, if you want to take any pistol can on the market and compare it to our section nine pistol can on the market. Well it's 357, right? 9mm is 357 converted from millimeters to inches.

[06:55] And so we're going to take every 357 platform that's out there and smaller, right? So that includes 338 or 9mm pistol cans are designed for 50 BMG pressures. So you want to put it on 338 lapua magnum. It's not a problem. Don't put it on a 3388 normal magnum or a 338 cheytac or something like that. It's not a problem. We've already taken care of you. So you're going to have all these different options. When this customer bought the Kista Kit, he got his Saxon9, he's got his Axe9, he's got a Archangel338. And he's got about 80 percent of the suppressors that he purchased can actually flip back and forth between all of his different rifles. So if you're talking about, loosening a bolt, he's got all the tools he needs like a box end wrench, he's got a crescent wrench, he's got a pipe wrench, he's got, you know, he's got everything he needs, right?

[08:03] To decide which suppressor he wants to use for that application. When he takes us 300 win mag, he can lend one of his suppressors to someone else that wants to lower recoil, like the Archangel and he can choose to shoot with a Saxon9 or a Nemesis 30 or even an Ark Neo. He's got all these choices. It will probably choose the Ark Neo if he's sitting down shooting with friends because will be quieter and the least amount of recoil for him, second to the Archangel anyway. For Hunting, he already knew going into it he wanted the Nemesis30, If I'm going to grab one to go hunting because I don't want it to get hung up in the trees getting tangled up in the limbs and leafs. I want to get it out of the, in and out of the vehicle or the side by side or whatever. Razor or Can Am or whatever. He's. He's going out on and hitting the trails with whatever 4wheeler. Doesn't matter, it's more maneuverable because it's shorter and he knows that he's going to be reaping those benefits with that can, but that there's no reciting in. They just work, so get yours today. It'll be a favorite suppressor that you own. I guarantee it.


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