Nemesis30 - 6" - 30 Cal Suppressor

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The Nemesis30 was designed for the AR10 and all 30 Cal Precision Rifle Systems. This Suppressor is so over-designed that we can bore it up to any caliber needed. All Crux Suppressors are now Extreme Duty (XD) rated and can handle even the most extreme wildcats.  In its mid-length 6 in. length (4″ added) and 1.5″ O.D. this suppressor weighs in at only 10 oz making it one of the top-performing suppressors on the market.  The Nemesis30 is one of our most popular suppressors.  Using our Brake Attach suppressor we rate the Nemesis30 for full auto and rapid semi-auto use.  All of our suppressors now come in our Extreme Duty (XD) configuration.  This means that you can run them on 5" SBRs.  If you want to take a 338 Lapua Magnum and neck that cartridge down to a 30 cal creating your own custom caliber, then this suppressor will easily handle this extreme setup.  We've taken the guesswork out of suppressor ratings..... it's rated for ANYTHING fitted for 30 caliber.  Using our SBR rated Brake Attach option we rate this suppressor for Full Auto and hard semi-auto use down to 5″ SBRs.  This is the lightest, quietest, toughest suppressor on the market.  This is a new Class of Suppressors and Crux is the Best in this Class.  Nowhere can you get a full auto, 5″ SBR rated, suppressor at less than 10 oz added to your rifle, and only 4 inches added in length.  Get yours today!

#1 in its Class: The Nemesis30 PMS has all it is a short, lightweight suppressor that effectively manages the report of all AR10s and .308 ARs and short action rifles The Nemesis30 PMS is rated to handle 300 Win Mag and lower calibers. Like all of our suppressors, there is very minimal POI shift from unsuppressed to suppressed

Nemesis30 Dimensions

  • Length: 6"
  • Length added: 4"
  • Outside Dia: 1.5"
  • Weight: 10 oz"
  • Sound Reduction: 32 - 38 dB

Rifle Platform / Barrel Length

  • 308 Win / 7"
  • 300 Win Mag / 12"
  • 7.62 x 39 / 7"
  • 5.56 / 5"
  • Full Auto/Rapid Fire w/ PMS Brake

PMS SYSTEM:  The Benefits

  • Self Locking: Taking active rotational force to rotate it will not come loose or shoot off like others
  • No Teeth to Wear Out
  • No Mechanisms to Activate
  • Under Firearm Rail Compatible
  • Metal to Metal Aerospace Seal
  • Conical Locating Feature: Perfect Accuracy Mount