Ark Neo - Multi Caliber Supressor

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Finally, a Competition Proven Suppressor That is Quiet, Lightweight, Accurate, and Tough That Can be Used on Hundreds of Cartridges 30 Caliber and Lower!

Are you tired of always Re-Zeroing your Rifle or Chasing your Accuracy?  Do you feel like you're not confident in your shots?  Are you tired of suppressors that only shoot subsonic and constantly worry if you will damage your suppressor?  Is your suppressor quiet on one caliber but loses all performance when you move up to Hotter calibers?

These are some of the painful things we have all gone through in our search for a decent performing suppressor.  We sought out to make a suppressor that wasn't only decent but that was a great performing suppressor in All Aspects and Requirements that a suppressor Should Do.

Not only did we want a perfect performing suppressor, but we also wanted one that didn't break the bank to make or purchase.  As long as the performance was great and the suppressor was quite...we would be willing to pay what it's worth.

Because We've all Spent Hundreds of Dollars in Ammo Fighting with Sub-Par Equipment!

Introducing the Ark Neo, One Suppressor for All...

The Ark Neo will suppress all your Short Action calibers, as well as Magnum, and Super Magnum calibers.  Its lightweight will be a negligible difference in added rifle weight, while experiencing Minimal to Zero POI shift.

The Specs speak for themselves but the tone and silence is something that must be experienced!

Ark Neo Dimensions
  • Length: 7.5"
  • Length added: 5.5"
  • Outside Dia: 1.5"
  • Weight: 12 oz"
  • Sound Reduction: 34 - 40 dB
Rifle Platform / Barrel Length
  • 308 Win / 7"
  • 300 Win Mag / 12"
  • 7.62 x 39 / 7"
  • 5.56 / 5"
  • Full Auto/Rapid Fire w/ PMS Brake

Where does all the accuracy come from?

A major part of accuracy comes from the mounting of the suppressor to the host platform.  This is where all the Quick Disconnect mounts fail.  And Here's Why...

In order for the system to quickly mount, the tolerances and the design must be made in such a way that there is not enough conical engagement to accurately locate the suppressor during mounting.  Here's how we solved the issue...

The Precision Mounting System (PMS):

 The PMS mounting system is a proprietary design that solves all typical suppressor mounting issues.  It's a threaded system that is designed to accommodate all rifle platform threads as well as maximizing the accessory's performance without reducing the strength of the Suppressor. Suppressor Mount

PMS SYSTEM: The Benefits

  • Self Locking: Requires rotational force to unlock; it will not come loose or shoot off like others
  • No Teeth to Wear Out
  • No Mechanisms to Activate
  • Under Firearm Rail Compatible
  • Metal to Metal Aerospace Seal
  • Conical Locating Feature: Perfect Accuracy Mount

  • How can a Suppressor So Light perform So Well?...

    The Secret is in the Technology.  Where most suppressors use turbulence as their means for performing suppression.  Crux Suppressors utilize a monocore design that utilizes Tornado / Cyclone Technology.  This results in fewer baffles to give the tornadoes room to work which reduces weight.  But that's not all...

    Tornadoes get more violent, and they sustain themselves the harder they pushed.  That is why Crux Suppressors do more "work" the harder you push them.

    We have thousands of happy customers.  Get yours today!

    "Here's something I have heard from 2 seperate guys doing long range shoots..
    One at 1200 yards and one at the SHOT show 1 mile shoot.  Both said the same thing.  Crux had them make hits then told them to loosen the can a bit and shoot again.  Both guys were like "uh... no.." well, they did and both connected.
    Had'em do it a bit more.. "uh..., well, OK" HIT!  THAT is impressive"              


    The Ark Neo is our Most Popular 30 Cal silencer.  When combining its smaller size and weight, You will be amazed at the performance.  Like all of our suppressors, there is very minimal POI shift from unsuppressed to suppressed

    We recommend this suppressor for all Short Action 30 Cal and lower rifle systems.

    It is also incredible on 6.5mm calibers like the new Ruger RPR or other 6.5 Creedmoor Rifles.

    But it doesn't stop there...

    It's also very impressive on Long Action and Magnum calibers.  If you're going to run short actions most often then this is the suppressor for you.

    The Ark Neo was designed for the AR10 and all 30 Cal Precision Rifle Systems.  This Suppressor is so over-designed that we can bore it up to .338 caliber and it serves well as a shorter .338 Lapua Magnum Suppressor in the Ark338 Configuration.  

    But how Tough are They?

    All Crux Suppressors are now Extreme Duty (XD) rated and can handle even the most extreme wildcats.  Using our Brake Attach suppressor we rate the Ark30 for full auto and rapid semi-auto use.  

    It also means...

    It's Full Aerospace Grade Titanium construction is what allows the suppressor to achieve strength-to-weight ratios unparalleled to others.  When this is combined with superior engineering design the suppressor is beefed up in all the right places and weight is shaved everywhere else.  There is no other place we can shave weight that will not affect reliability.  

    Don't let the Simple and Clean Lines of our Suppressor fool you.  It's Tough...It's Strong....and we guarantee there are No Gimmicks that Only Add Weight.

    We don't add cool guy features that those internet commando's talk about.  We are 100% focused on REAL PERFORMANCE and delivering the lightest, toughest, and best performing cans that deliver on ALL aspects of shooting suppressed. 

    It can run them on as low as 5" SBRs.  If you want to take a 338 Lapua Magnum and neck that cartridge down to a 30 Cal creating your own custom caliber, then this suppressor will easily handle this extreme setup.  We've taken the guesswork out of suppressor ratings..... it's rated for ANYTHING fitted for 30 Caliber.

    This is a new Class of Suppressor and Crux is the Best in this Class.  Nowhere can you get a suppressor that is Rated for these type of applications, that is as Light as a Crux, That is as Accurate, and that is Priced as Affordable as these. 

    Get yours today!