Our Science


Crux Suppressor Technology

Built with Crux Suppressors Patented Sigma Baffle Technology developed with the latest in computational fluid analysis. We developed supersonic vortices in every baffle.  This means we use the laws of nature to work with us versus against us.   It also means that the harder you push it the more suppression it does. It also makes it possible to reduce the size of the suppressor.   We were able to achieve this by running computational fluid analysis on all of our suppressors and this one has been through the ringer so to speak, squeaking out every last micro decibel out of this design. We’ve also increased gas retention time to 50% longer than any other suppressor on the marker. Like the Archangel we tested many versions of this can in computational fluid analysis and we manipulate the gas flow at the right instant to improve accuracy and maximize sound suppression in a relatively small 1.375″ diameter and 7.5″ length package weighing in at just over 10 oz. This is why Crux Suppressors is the industry leader in hearing safe mini suppressors.  We are Best in Class Suppressors.

The Sigma baffle design does more "work" the harder you push it.   This is what makes Crux suppressors outperform all others on the market.   In order for the baffle system to work and outperform the suppressor's size needs to be reduced to form more violent tornadoes.   This patented divergence from the competition's understanding of supersonic gas flow is why Crux suppressors can be so small and light and still out perform suppressors that are 2-5 times the size and weight.

Mounting System

The Precision Mounting System (PMS) is a modular precision suppressor mounting system that utilizes self locking threads, a conical coaxial alignment feature that perfectly mounts our suppressors to you firearm. The PMS system includes brakes, flash hiders, direct thread adapters, A2 flash hider adapters, OEM flash hider adapters, and more to come in the future.  The PMS system has proven to be a more robust design than direct thread mounting systems and the performance meets the stringent accuracy requirements of Crux.

Break the Weld

So there are storm clouds brewing. We feel that it is our responsibility to warn people so that they are not had. There are titanium suppresors being welded right now that will fail. This failure is not due to the skill of the welder or the quality of the material. It is due to the manufacturing process chosen.

Curtis Proske was a welding engineer for Parker Hannifin’s Aerospace division and sat on the NADCAP committees that wrote the specifications for aerospace welding. He has extensive knowledge of titanium welding and was part of projects for the F22 Raptor and Joint Strike Fighter as well as every major aircraft engine on the market. There was no possible way to weld titanium correctly without the suppressor costing under $3,000 to break even. If titanium is not welded to very proprietary and often secret manufacturing processes it will experience embrittlement, which will:

  • Change the metal’s chemical composition
  • Create very hard microstructures (that behave like glass)
  • Get harder with time (until it cracks under its own weight)
  • Take time to fail
  • Crack sitting in the safe
  • Cost another Tax Stamp
  • Most companies will blame the customer
  • Most companies will not warranty (they don’t even know what it is).

Don’t fall victim to embrittlement.