Crux Suppressors And F-1 Firearms Form Joint Operating And Technology Agreement


Crux and F-1

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, September 30, 2019

F-1 Firearms, LLC.
5045 FM 2920 Spring, TX 77388 
(832) 299-6100 (telephone) 
(281) 719-1301 (fax)

Crux Suppressors, Inc.
Conroe, TX 77304
(936) 271-4867


Crux Suppressors and F-1 Firearms Form Joint Operating and Technology Agreement

(Spring, TX) — F-1 Firearms, LLC., the manufacturer of AR-style rifles and skeletonizing features, and Crux Suppressors, which manufactures lightweight titanium silencers, have formed a joint-operating and technology-sharing agreement to supply exciting firearms-suppression devices to customers faster.

Dion Podgurny, Owner of F-1 Firearms, said, "F-1 Firearms will manufacture Crux Suppressors in this Joint Operating Agreement and then ship and provide customer support for Crux. This partnership of manufacturing and shared office functions between F-1 Firearms and Crux will bring customers value, innovation, and speed to the delivery of cutting-edge suppressors. Crux will integrate into F-1 Firearms' sales-and-administration team, including moving into F-1's facility, which opens access to F-1's dealer and distributor network. F-1 Firearms parked its suppressor ideas and innovation for too long, and now we will bring them into a new product line marketed under the Crux brand."

Cade Nobles , Co-Owner at Crux Suppressors, said, "We here at Crux Suppressors value our customers. We're undergoing a significant transformation within our organization to address demand, manufacturing, customer service, quality and personnel to align with a better experience. We understand some disruption is inevitable as we integrate, and we appreciate our customers' continued patience and support.”

Kyle Haman, Vice President of Production at F-1, said, "We are happy to help out a fellow Texas company. F-1 Firearms has world-class manufacturing, finishing, and assembly departments, so we can assist them and help deliver Crux products in a timely manner."

Haman added, “Crux Suppressors has a valuable product line of suppressors and accessories with growing challenges, so a manufacturing and technology operating agreement helps us deliver and support those great products to our customers. We are setting production levels to have minimum level inventory and quicker delivery to the origin of the order. Our goal would be to have suppressors transferred to the dealer location of order within one week. Support calls answered and handled same day. More personal touch with dealers and distributors."

Tyler Nobles, President and Co-Owner of Crux Suppressors, said, "We are committed to finally having ample inventory and first-class customer service. We appreciate the feedback and patience we have received from existing customers and dealers. I believe we will be an improvement story in the industry before too long.”

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About F-1 Firearms, LLC.

F-1 Firearms is a Spring, Texas–based manufacturer of the finest semi-automatic weapon systems on the planet, using brand-new, state-of-the-art machines to make more than 90% of each firearm in-house. The use of premium materials, such as 7075-T6511 domestic aluminum for handguards and receivers, produces firearms that are lighter and stronger than the competition. The combination of premium materials, state-of-the-art equipment, in-house machining, assembly, quality assurance/control and testing ensures that a F-1 Firearms rifle is as accurate and dependable as it is great to look at and shoot. F-1 Firearms was incorporated in 2012. F-1 Firearms can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter (@1Firearms).

About Crux Suppressors, Inc.

The Crux name is pronounced "crow." Crux Suppressor's Patented Sigma Baffle Technology was developed with the latest in computational fluid analysis, employing supersonic vortices in every baffle. This allows for hearing-safe suppressors that are as small as 1.375 inches in diameter and 7.5 inches long and weigh just over 10 ounces, yet a Crux will still outperform suppressors that are two to five times the size and weight. Crux's Precision Mounting System (PMS) is a modular design that utilizes self-locking threads and a conical coaxial alignment feature that perfectly mounts Crux suppressors to various firearms. The PMS system includes brakes, flash hiders, direct-thread adapters, A2 flash-hider adapters, and OEM flash-hider adapters and is a more robust design than direct-thread mounting systems. Crux Suppressors is currently based in Conroe, Texas, located about 40 miles north of Houston.



Sierra Kimbrell, VP of Operations
F-1 Firearms, LLC
(832) 299-6100

Tyler Nobles, President
Crux Suppressors
(936) 271-4867