A2 Flash Hider Adapter - .223 Cal

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The A2 Flash Hider was never designed to attach suppressors to.It is impossible to use the actual A2 flash hider (or any other flash hider) to attach a suppressor to when the actual design and manufacturing of that hider is not intended to accurately indicate a suppressor.Templar Tactical will never compromise accuracy.Therefor we've solved to A2 Flash Hider attachment issues by completely eliminating the need to indicate off the flash hider. We have replace the traditional crush washer with a TTF precision machined threaded adapter that integrates with our TTF Brake attach (Avenger System) and accurate aligns the suppressor to the bore of an AR15. We then allow for re-attaching the A2 hider that recesses into our thread adapter.We are able to maintain or improve accuracy out of standard AR's with this design.