Crux Fiber Reinforced Case w/ Foam Insert

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** Please note with this pre-order shipping lead time is roughly 6-8 weeks if you are not ordering a suppressor from us. **

This is our Crux Suppressors custom case that is constructed of Fiber-Reinforced material and features all the same features of similar brand boxes. These cases are TSA Compliant and feature two sections where you can affix a lock.

Each Case comes with the option of Crux Suppressor insert or a Glock Insert, please be sure to select the option that you want.

All foam inserts are bright red in color. And that is the only option available. 

The Glock Inserts will fit any Full-Size, Compact or Sub-Compact Model. They will not fit extended slide variations of the Glock Pistol. The insert holds two spare magazines, your suppressor, pistol, and pistol booster.