Crux Suppressors Kista

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This is the Crux Suppressors Kista (Old Norse for Chest).  This is the first and last set of suppressors you will ever need.  Covering everything from pistol calibers to big bore rifles.The chest includes the following products: (lead time is about 3-4 weeks right now)

- Four Crux Suppressors T-Shirts

- Crux Suppressors Fiber Reinforced Box (TSA, etc approved)

- All standard Muzzle Brakes for each suppressor featured in the case

- Seven extra muzzle brakes (One per suppressor), allowing you to mount on all your weapons!

The Following Suppressors:

(1) Axe    

(1) Saxon    

(1) Saxon 9      

(1) Nemesis30      

(1) Ark Neo      

(1) Ark45                    

(1) ArchAngel338